Friday, September 30, 2011

SO it's been a while because...

SO much has happened!!

I'm not sure when the last time I've written on my blog, which is a little depressing. I'm back, and I'm here for an update on all that's gone on!!

Kyle flew to California 1 day after he graduated from his training program on the East Coast. We were together for two beautiful weeks, and then we had to say our dreaded 'see ya later'. It was more difficult than I had imagined. Of course you can probably guess....I was extremely emotional. It was quite pitiful actually. I know it's not forever, but I'm just anxious for us to finally be able to have a somewhat normal life. Normal Schedules, Normal city, Normal people, Friends, BBQ's, and a home just for us!

For the first few days we were staying in Dana Point at the Doubletree. Dana Point is one of our favorite spots, and it felt nice to be there together again. On our second day together, we had our photos taken!! These are the pictures I've been saying I wanted to be taken for MONTHS AND MONTHS!! 

Heres a preview!


:) Check out our photographers website when you get a chance!!

Now that Kyle's gone, I'll have a lot more time to update here! I missed it!

Hope everybody is doing well!