Monday, May 30, 2011

Recap from the weekend:

First let me start off with my black eye.

It got a little bit worse after this picture, but you get the point...

Basically Kyle was telling me that I was looking skinny (I've been on a never ending diet), and me being my normal self, had to go fishing for more compliments. I asked him WHERE he could tell.

"You look skinny here" *points to upper body*
"and here!" *points to mid section*
"AND HERE!" *bends over and points to legs*

at that moment I bent down to check out what he was talking about, and he decided our faces should meet. He flew up SO fast....The PAIN. OW OW OW OW. I had HUGE alligator tears and ended up laughing hysterically. It's getting better now...Not as swollen, but now it's purple....oh joy!


Woke up early, and got on the road. Of course, I was a stress case before then. I can't ever relax before we go anywhere, always wondering if we've forgotten something. (we didn't.)

Made it to Omaha, had to make a quick trip to the mall (Kyles little cousin didn't pack anything for the concert. SO we had to find her an outfit.) Pigged out, then went back to the hotel and got ourselves ready!

Once we were in the Arena, We realized we weren't very far away!! We started talking to some guy that was wondering around, his name is Charlie Worsham. Turns out, He's one of Taylors Opening Acts. : )
He's such a nice guy, and I told him I'd spread the word about him! SO look him up.
He's on FB and Youtube. : )

Kyles mom bought an extra floor ticket, so Kyles dad could come along. She sat by herself (aw) and his dad sat with him. They were hilarious...Poor Dave. He made sure he had a beer in hand the whole show.

We had some teeny-boppers in from of us with signs. They were literally dancing before the Opening Acts even started. I guess you can say they didn't have many friends! lol THEN we had this guy in front of us too. Cool hair, huh? Kyle says it looks like a backwards skunk. He had it shaved down shorter on the side....
He was a character haha

We had the 2nd stage about ten feet away from us....
Mid show she changed stages, and I was so excited. Ah, I love her!!

She is amazing in concert. Sounds just like her albums, which is refreshing. She switched up some of her songs too, and created her own little remix. THEN when she was walking through the crowd, she kissed little girls on their cheeks and probably made their lives. So cute. I WILL be seeing her again.

Kyle and his girlfriend...

Saturday we woke up pretty early (HA! NOT!) and went to the Zoo! On the way there, we had to get some good ol' Starbucks. I got the Iced Chai tea with a dash of Vanilla....So yummy. : )

That evening we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Oh, I pigggggged out. So bad.

Sunday before we headed home, we stopped at a Memorial Park they have about five minutes from the Hotel. They've got a bunch of cool Military vehicles and Artifacts from different wars. It was right up Kyles alley, and he had such a good time. 


It was a nice little getaway. We both needed it, and even though we're both tired from constantly moving around....we're so happy we were able to go.

That is all : )


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aw, I miss my Mo!

I miss my best friend, Jill.

She's getting married in 26 days, and I'll be back in CA in 25. (pushing it, I know!)

She and her honey moved into their first home, on base in 29 palms. I wish I could be there, helping her unpack her stuff. These are the moments we always used to talk about, and I'm a little sad I'm missing out. I'm also not able to go to the Bachelorette party, in Vegas. Bummed about that, because I had always dreamt of embarrassing her with inappropriate blow up

I'm glad I'm able to go back there for the Wedding. I get to see all of the sweetest girlfriends I know, all at once! We're down to the last few weeks, and us girls are trying to make it perfect for her!! She's had some added stress, with having to ask one of her bridesmaids to become a guest. (She was incompetent.) She also had another one delete her off of facebook. Nobody knows why, but that's down two bridesmaids.

I'm planning on getting fresh fruit and some sandwiches for the day of the wedding. I figure we'll all be hungry, and running around like crazy. Nothing too heavy so we don't feel like cows! lol. (Great! Now I'm hungry...)

I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do my hair. I'm still unsure if I'm getting it professionally done. I'm fortunate enough to be skilled in the makeup department (to an extent), and my hair usually turns out great for special occasions. If it's not too much money, it might be nice to feel pampered. I've spent aaaa lot of money though, with plane tickets, the dress, gifts, and everything else!

Anyways, that's all for now!!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

I've come to realize

I'm a weird sleeper.
I wish I were a morning person, if you wake me up in the'll see it's like the end of my world. Even though I'll suffer through the whole entire day...I STILL don't go to bed early enough to get a full nights rest. Last night I skyped with my cousin until 1:30 in the morning, and woke up at 6:30.
I'm sure I'll go home and take a nap, because after a week of this...
I'm ready for one. :)

Working in a hotel, I've become a pro at people watching...I also hear and see
some of the most ridiculous stuff. 
Let me just share with you what has happened in a matter of ten minutes.


-There is a man in the lobby who is an exact replica of Napoleon Dynamites brother:
Mustache, jeans, 80's print sweatshirt N' all! SEXY!

-I had a note left for me saying a woman in a wheelchair on 3rd floor is deathly scared of the building catching on fire. If a fire was to break out, we were supposed to run and get her first. lol Mean of me to laugh, poor lady!

-A woman just called me Kelly. My name is not Kelly. She then informed me (Kelly) that her coffee pot wasn't working. (You have to plug it in for it to work....)
THEN she thanked me (Kelly).

- Every person that checks out, makes it a point to hand me every room key card they had been issued. I appreciate the fact that they're truly concerned, but it's a crack up watching them attempt to find them. I've seen women dump out their purses, men tearing through things, and I've had people call and ask for our address so they could mail them to be honest- the keycards aren't very important. Plus, it'd cost more money having them sent here, than to just throw them away.

What's on my mind?

People make me laugh. It's funny how couples find each other, and always manage to match.
I've been told Kyle and I match. ACTUALLY, I've been told we look like we're blood related, and I promise you- I'm not into the whole incest thing. lol That would be a big negative.

Why do people buy massive amounts of postcards? I don't understand. Anytime I buy that stuff, it's gotten lost in my black hole of a purse. Props to you if you've written a letter on the back, and successfully followed through with sending it to somebody. Don't get me wrong, I think it's cute to see a Grandma or Grandpa sending them to their grand babies...but then we get the occasional tourist who stocks up on their Mount Rushmore postcards. We're 4 hours away from there. WHY do you need 25 South Dakota postcards? lol

I hate bugs. Growing up in California, it wasn't ever an issue for us. I rarely got bug bites. WELL, I'm full of them today. They're everywhere! I'm ITCHY! not. a. fan.

I've lost another pound so that means I've lost 23 pounds since Jan. Finally on my way back to looking and feeling like I belong in my body again!

OH OH OH!!! If you're a fan of dried fruits and veggies, Like I am....Go to, and check out their stuff. I've seen a review on those items on, and ordered some last night.

I got cranberries, mixed veggies (so I could taste all of the yummy flavors and find favorites!), and strawberries and bananas. The great thing is that nothing is added to them!! That's especially exciting for me, because all of the dried fruits I've found, are covered and filled with sugar. I'll be updating once I receive the package full of my yummy snacks, and I'll let you all know how they REALLY taste! :)

Now that I've talked about absolutely nothing for ten minutes, I think it's time I saaaaay goodbye.


Friday, May 20, 2011

I think I'm cranky today.

and my patience for idiots today = lacking.
(to say the least...)
Naptime after work sounds fabulous.

Went shopping yesterday in SF,
and picked out an outfit for TSwift! :)
Got that goin for me! haha

Hope everybody is having a beautiful sunshine filled Friday!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

James Otto - Soldiers & Jesus

AMEN. <3

Happy Thursday :)

Obsession for today? Vanilla Chai Tea :) 

I'm working until three, rushing home to change, then I'm off with my love to Sioux Falls.
For the people who aren't familiar, it's the closest bigger city to us.

Mall = shopping.
restaurants = good food.
Me = happy.

It just so happens that we'll be meeting up with my cousin, Mitch! He's training there for the next few weeks, so we're makin the hour long drive to treat him to dinner! I'm pretty excited because I can't remember the last time I saw him! I haven't seen any of my family, while I've been living here in the Midwest. It'll be a nice change! : )

We're going to the mall when we first get there, because I'm on a hunt for a Taylor Swift outfit.
I don't know what to wear!!!! any suggestions?

anyways, I wrote a whole blog earlier about people and them not having any work ethic, but I'm debating if I should post it seeing as I post a million blogs about my opinions on things.
 lol GO FIGURE....ME have opinions on things? haha

That is all for now!



My cousin is going through a lot of troubles and scary things with her health! She's doing some painful tests today, so I ask that you say an extra prayer for her! I know it's greatly appreciated by her family, and large extended family and friends!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's 12:10 PM

and no sign of a manager yet- * CHA CHING *

 :) Thank you work-angels for keeping me sane for yet another day!

I've been passing time today, shopping online. WELL...not SHOPPING, but "window" looking. I'm trying to find the perfect top/dress for Taylor Swift. YEP, I'm going to see Taylor for her show in Omaha. The first show of her US Tour. Okay, so some of you might not like her but I AM OBSESSED. I have been for yeeeears and years. I might be surrounded by a bunch of ten year olds, but I'm super excited. Kyles lovely mother got us all tickets. Kyle IS going. He might not admit it, but we all know he loves her too. lol

* phone rings and I get hung up on....twice *

ANYWAYS, Will somebody please explain to me why it's so hard to find a sequin top or dress, with sequins going around the ENTIRE shirt. I don't want them on just the front. Where's the fun in that? eh. I'm waiting for to update their shirts today. I'm crossing fingers for the perfect one, but the more I go look...the more summer clothes I find myself "needing". Yikes. Don't even get me started on cute spring shoes.

What's on my Agenda?

May 27/28 - Omaha, NE for Taylor Swift
June 16 - Fly home to California, Rush to Jills rehearsal, and then enjoy the evening with the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner!
June 17 - Wake up bright and early, get beautiful with my best friend and the rest of the bridesmaids to witness Jill marrying the love of her life, and then party the night away.  
June 18 - 20 - bake in sunshine, eat fattening food, laugh way too much, and spend too much money.
June 21 - Baby Cousins graduation!! (I feel old!)
June 22 - Get back on a plane, and head back to humid-bug-filled-ville.
July 21 - 22nd birthday
July 31 - Fly to Florida with Ky, meet up with Cody & Court, and drive to Miami together.
August 1 - 5 - Cruise
August 6 - 7 - Spending a day in Orlando, then flying back to SD!
August 8 - 11  - STURGIS!!! (google it.)

PHEW. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it.

All I know is, after surviving Hunting Season, Holidays away from family, and a hell of a Winter...
I'm READY for it!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Marine Corps Blabber.

I've come to the conclusion I'm a talker. I talk too much...which is why this blog has probably been seeing a lot of my blabber lately. Even if people don't read it, I think I just feel better saying what I'm thinking. I'm not even sure if a lot of it makes any sense. SO I'm going to say a few things that are on my mind this afternoon:

*take a deep breath aaaaandddd begin*

(Marine Corps blabber)

Now that they're back out in the civilian world, I think they've become much more jumpy. (They as in Kyle and his friends.) Maybe it's because they're no longer in their comfort zone, on base. He talks in his sleep about the weirdest things. He twitches in his sleep. Potholes scare the living shwat out of him. He swerves to get away from anything suspicious in the road (but not to the point of putting us in danger), and when he accidentally runs something heart attack. Last night we had reeeeaally LOUD thunder, and he was at work on break, sitting next to an open window when a HUGE BOOM woke the whole town...He said his heart stopped, and was beating a million miles per minute after that.

A few weeks back, he heard voices in our backyard. I'm sure some drunk people just decided to cut through our yard on their way home from the bars, but he turned the lights off and sat in silence in the kitchen waiting to see if he needed to grab his rifle. (Keep in mind, this is happening while I was sleeping.) That's just SOME of what's been happening.

One of his buddies said he was driving under a bridge when the Semi behind him had the top half of his truck taken off. Apparently the bridge wasn't tall enough....WELL, naturally it crashed and it sounded like an explosion. His friend closed his eyes and stepped on the gas. He said his instinct was the get the eff out of there and FAST. He had to pull over after that and just sit there for a while. He went home and talked to Kyle about it.  I suppose I never noticed this stuff until I started living with him, but it's becoming a regular thing. 
It just makes me feel helpless knowing I can't take that nervousness away from him.
 It will forever be apart of him.

I know I've said this before, but I wish I could put all of his boys back together again. Ky loved the Marines. He loved his job, the fact that he was a leader and a teacher (a darn good one!). He loved deployments, and what he stood for. He felt like he belonged. Too much happened towards the end, re-enlisting became impossible. An overload of Marines made it harder for any of them to re-enlist, and all of them kept saying "It wasn't the same." Too many things have changed with the Marine Corps in the last few years, it made it hard to choose to stay or to move on. He will have the "what if" questions in his head, forever.

Of course the way I think, I believe things happen for a reason.
God has other plans for him.
God needed him somewhere else, doing something else.

 I have this fear of losing him, and some kind of separation anxiety. I'm not sure really how to explain it. I remember when I told some of his civilian friends girlfriends (mouthful) that, they looked at me like I needed major therapy. One girl actually told me I should really consider seeing a therapist for that. At the time I thought to myself "Thanks bitch...". lol BUT they will never understand, and I forget that. One of those girls is in the National Guard, and works as an Admin. They have known Ky since high school, and had nerve to say "Oh my gosh, remember that one time they almost had you deploy! we were so scared! thank God you turned that down." Kyle deployed to Iraq twice, and not one letter was written. Not one card. Care package. Comment on facebook/myspace. In the middle of a war, and nothing. I kept my words to myself after that moment. They just don't understand. I had to keep reminding myself. The one in the National Guard told me she joined to get her school paid for. Said she wears her Cammies to the grocery store, because she likes the attention. She likes having people thank her for her service.


(back to what I was saying because I just got WAY off track)

- I worry when he leaves the house without me. I worry he won't come home, that something will happen to him. I want to protect him. He's my baby. He's my whole world. He made it his whole life without something happening to him. He made it through two deployments, The kid went to war and I'm trying to protect him here? I sound like an idiot. He's a grown man. He can take care of himself, and I know that. I want to be there next to him, always. If I could put him in a bubble, sad to say- I think I would. lol.

God only knows what our future holds. I trust in him, and I know he will never lead us in the wrong direction. I feel blessed to be able to have this time spent next to somebody I'd like to consider my counterpart. I am grateful for every minute. I'm trying to get better at this...I'm trying to not fear the unknown, and I know I am just wasting energy worrying about things in our future. I mean honestly, I haven't even made it through today yet. shouldn't I focus on that first? haha
 I need to quit this asap!

I wasn't planning on this blog turning into this, but here it is.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

more than 20 questions.

when was the last time you used a pay phone (if ever)?
I don't think I've ever actually used one before...Maybe Junior high?

did you ever fail a subject in school?
Math!!! we weren't ever on the same page...haha

where do you go to get your favorite hamburger/cheeseburger?
IF I'm going to get a burger, In n out. BUT I'm not in California anymore :( SO if I wanted a burger here, I'd go to a place called Whiskey Creek. I'm more of a salad girl :)

 have you ever served jury duty?
They keep sending me the letters, and I just never show up. lol HOW are they going to prove that I got the letter anyways? I guess they'll know now.

 how old were you when you moved out of your parents’ house?
I was 21...EXCEPT when I was a Junior in High school, I lived in ND for less than a year. I was going to a private school there, hated the Mid-West...went back home. Funny how I'm BACK in the Mid-West. lol

what is your favorite color to wear?
It really depends where I'm going, but I love pretty girly colors. Usually I'm wearing patterns, when I'm wearing color. If not, It's black or white. :)

 do you have a pair of shoes that you wear all the time?
I have several pairs of flats I wear...I also have a pair of starfish-rhinestone sandals. LOVE them.

 do you enjoy talk radio?
I do SOMETIMES. Morning talk shows when they're asking for horror stories of peoples love lives, or LOVE LINE!!! haha...I'm really making myself look bad here.

 if you could turn one unhealthy food into a healthy one, what food would it be?

 who is the best speaker you’ve ever heard in person?
myself...jk haha
have you ever been stuck in an elevator?
knock on wood, no!
 have you ever ridden on an elephant?
lol nope, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about it if I ever got that chance.

 have you ever met a well known celebrity?
I've been able to meet quite a few, Justin Timberlake being my favorite.

 do you have any food allergies?
hmm...I don't think so! WAIT. that's a lie. haha I'm lactose intolerant...

 do you know how to sew?
I don't know how to sew with a sewing machine, but I've been wanting to learn! I'm going to invest in a sewing machine when I get more time and money!!

did you get an allowance when you were young?
Not really....I was blessed growing up, though. Once I was in high school, I sort of had more of a limit on my spending.
 how often do you fill up your gas tank?
neeeeeeverrr. I don't have a car here!! (not sure where I'd go if I did!! haha) but Kyle fills his tank up about every 2 weeks...sometimes more. Almost 100 bucks!! OUCH.

 have you ever been stung by a jelly fish?
ouchie!! No. 

 have you ever been robbed?
I personally haven't been, BUT when we were selling our house, somebody came into our house pretending he was interested in buying- Stole Ipods, cameras, and jewelry. Thankfully he didn't find the jewelry worth a lot of money!! They never caught the guy either...

 what is the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
hands down, 5th grade. HORRIBLE. I seriously do not know what I was thinking, but I was SUCH a nerd. BIG ROUND GLASSES, BANGS, short hair with A LOT of volume...OH did I mention I was chubby and wore overalls? hottttttieee.
how often do you do laundry?
hardly ever KYLE does the laundry, and I do the dishes...We have an unfinished basement, so it smells, it's dark, cold, and scary!! We made that deal when we moved in here. lol

what is your favorite type of cookie?
I'm more of a cupcake kind of girl.

 what would you do with an extra $2000 per month?
Pay off my bills, save money, and shop for myself and people I love.

what was/is your favorite subject in school?

have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
No, but that would be sweet!

 what was your high school mascot?
For which school? For the Private school, we were the Eagles. For the public school, we were the Hawks, and then there were the Titans. (I moved after my parents divorced.)

if you had the chance to go into space, would you?
no way. I love it here on Earth!

 how often do you go dancing?
about as often as I eat pickled pigs feet. n e v e r. I was a cheerleader for way too many years of my life, to have any rythem. I'm way too stiff with my movements haha it just doesn't flow.

would you rather drive or fly?
I like both. I'd just rather have somebody beside me, than travel alone. All of the road trips, have been with people. Either Kyle or family/bestfriends. I do quite a bit of flying alone, back to California. It's boring!!!

have you ever been caught re-gifting?
No, but that's because I wouldn't ever re-gift. My best friend received a re-gift for her wedding shower gift recently. It was BAD. These girls (who will remain nameless) showed up 2 hours late, in Dark Jean and Leather boots, and a crinkled up Nordstrom bag. Gave her a perfume gift set, which had a dead bug at the bottom. When Jill tried returning it (after discovering that it was the OLD collection put into the new box), she also found out the store didn't even sell the product. It was BADDDD!

The end. <3

One cup of Black Tea later....

wooohooo!!! I'm back an hour later to write my second post, but this one will be less complaining. I've been complaining quite a bit lately, and then the more I read other peoples posts about their struggles..The more I feel like a huge brat, because I DON'T have it as bad as others. I know everybody fights their own battles, and I certainly have my own....I just wish I could take away pain from people who deserve happiness. I guess if nothing bad ever happened, then we'd never know how truly special those wonderful happy moments are to us.

I can already feel the black tea kickin in....ahhh caffeine, you have become a close friend of mine!
(and of people around me in the mornings! haha)
 To make myself a little more clear, I'm not quite a morning person....I'm that person that could sleep until noon if it were allowed. I'm a night owl, which is funny because I don't ever go out.
I'm old enough to drink, and I don't even go to bars. I actually don't even drink...

Kyle and I are old people. We love staying home, or going to dinner and a movie, spending time with family, and just enjoying our nights relaxing. Recently since the weather has been decent, we've taken the Harley out for a few night rides. Who would have ever thought I'd be the girl on the back of a bad boys Harley? NOT ME. I also never thought I'd be the girl wanting a pink pistol.
If you haven't had a chance to shoot a gun, It's a must!! SO fun!!!

(This was OBVIOUSLY the week after he was free from the Marines...Check out that facial hair! ALSO please take note my ankle looks like I've got a weird deformity hahaha )

(Kyle, His Dad, and Uncle had WAY too much fun dressing me up!)

We also spend a lot of time Skyping with people we love and adore!! For instance: We have Thursday Skype nights with Cody & Courtney! (Except the last 2 has consumed both couples!)
They're the ones I said we were going on that cruise with...You would love Courtney!! So cute, just the sweetest thing ever!! AND her accent...IT is THICKKK as heck, and precious. Kyle always teases her...he greets her the same every time, "HI COURT-NAYYY". She eats it up!! Love those two!! She's been a huge support system since I've been here, besides my family members (and sweet cousins!!) but i'll move onto them next!!!) I've had so many moments I just needed to cry, and sometimes I feel guilty crying to Ky....I'm emotional LOL I can cry a lot!! WHICH JUST REMINDED's Cry Sunday. Greeeeaaaaaatttt! That'll be my next topic AFTER my cousins!
 Anyways, I love my sweet little Courtney, and their new fur-baby, COPPER!!!

Moving on...

My Family is amazing. I've certainly been blessed in that department. I've become very close with my moms side of the family, and in recent years (and months) I've become particularly close to my second cousin, and her family. I just love them.

There have been so many times being here, I feel down. I spend quite a bit of time alone, because Kyle works nights. Being so close to family emotionally, I've never had to live so far from them before. I've had a hard time forming close friendships here with other females, so with them being in my life...It's really such a huge blessing!! I talk to them every week. They keep me sane.

My second cousin Kelli reminds me a lot of my mom.  Strong willed, Beautiful inside and out, hysterical, sensitive, sweet, caring, giving, determined, inspirational, a fighter...I could keep going. (Don't even get me on the subject of how they look like TWINS!) She's been struggling with her health recently, and I've been praying everyday for her.  I believe everything will start looking up! She deserves everything wonderful in life.

(Kelli & Chelsea, with their handsome husbands! Sorry Chels, I had to!)

Chelsea, is a little mini version of her mom. She's gorgeous. Just as sweet as can be, and has the most beautiful spirit. They make me laugh, and know what to say to keep me going. When Kyle and I move, we'll be living in the same state as them. Hopefully we'll get lucky, and be in or around the same city. THAT would be perfect!! We can't wait!! I can't wait!! Girl time, I can't wait for girl time!! I've missed being able to have those moments. Girls nights, lunch dates, mani-pedis, and shopping!! I'll finally have some partners in crime again!! NOW, if we could convince the rest of the females in the family to leave sunny California, thatttt would be peachy! My sister wouldn't ever leave...thumbs down!

I get to see them, when I go home in June for Mo's wedding. I'm excited to see everybody! My Mommy and Sister!! My baby brother, Aunts, Cousins, Uncles....EVERYBODY!! My friends included!! I can't wait to see Mo....I love good ol' Mo, and I miss being able to have access to her everyday, when I wanted her!! We used to have shopping dates, and spent countless hours and days laying out by the pool, eating subway, and becoming bronzed babes!

(The last time some of the girls in the family were together.  
We're a boring bunch.)

Definition of Cry Sunday: Army Wives and Coming home

These shows consume my life for two hours. Both hours are spent crying.
Like I said, I'm emotional. hahaha

I think this is the end of my mile long post. I've embarrassed enough people with my pictures, and now I'm going to continue working hard.....or I'm going to finish playing a new smart phone game I just downloaded.



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Saturday : )

Good morning!!

I hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday. I'm working (again), but I suppose making money is better than wasting my day away sleeping. (This is where I try to convince myself that exchanging my yawns for dollar bills is a really great idea.)

I have 4 days until payday- I CANNOT WAIT. <<desperate much? Am I the ONLY one counting down the days until that wonderful/depressing day?

Besides the norm (Bills and Groceries) I'm starting something exciting on Wednesday. I haven't decided if I'm going to tell the blog world about it, but I'll letcha know when/if I decide tooooo!! <<anxious enough yet? You'll have to wait until Wednesday! Maybe I'll spill my guts then. :)

...Oh goodness. One thing I can say for sure is that this girl is not going to be going on any shopping sprees anytime soon. *sigh*  That's because we're taking a cruise to the Bahamas. Yep! I can't wait. We're going with two of our good friends....another couple actually. Cody is a friend of Kyles from the Marines...his old roommate. Courtney is his sweet southern girlfriend, and is just a doll! Since the boys are living states away, we thought it'd be a nice reunion for them.

Can I also just state that I think I've met every grumpy old person on the planet this morning? lol...A lady I work with calls it "Old person Syndrome" and I think that's the best way to describe it. For those who don't know, I work at a Hotel. I get complaints about everrrrything. This morning we also had some old man run into the lobby:

"Have you seen a woman looking for help?"
*looks nervously at Helen, the adorable breakfast attendant*
"Well, there are a lot of women looking for help!"
Helen was joking of course...

He turned his ass around so fast and ran out of here...Last thing we heard was "GOOOOOOODDDDD DAMNITTTTTTT!!!" Then he walked through the parking lot yelling her name....I couldn't help but laugh. I was afraid to ask what kind of help. Does this mean I've lost my sensitivity? lol nahhh. We saw him walking through the parking lot...I'm guessing he had the wrong hotel.

I'm going to go write out the bills I owe, and see if I can set a budget for myself. This should be interesting!! THEN I'm going to go to and look at all of the cute stuff I want, add each item to my shopping cart, fake myself out, and exit the website. I think I need shoppers anonymous.


Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down on Friday?

If you haven't heard that song....You need to go to YouTube and watch it right now. I'm already laughing to myself...Oh my! haha....Genius lyrics I tell ya...

Anyways! It's Friday, and of course it's technically my Tuesday (Work-Week wise), but that's okay! I enjoy weekends at work a lot more than I do work week days. I usually get to work alone, and management isn't here. life is just much more simple that way!

I woke up this morning suuuppperrr tired, but I'm on a coffee high-I think I'll make it! We were up pretty late last night...The weather finally decided to work with us and we took the Harley out :) My chest and face got some color! I was SO excited! We were out later than expected, which meant the gym had to come later as well. Let's just say I was pretty much useless once we got to the gym. I went tanning and sat on a machine for the rest of the time while Kyle and his friend danced around the machines (lifting, grunting, laughing, and telling jokes!) They're both determined to be "huge" by Summertime. Kyle wants to gain 20 pounds in Muscle....He eats like a pig! I wish I could be that way..I'm trying to LOSE what he wants to gain...such a brat!

That is all for now!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Going Home....

Pretty positive that everybody knows this already butttttt:

Bin Laden is dead. FINALLY. That son of a Bit*h is dead!

Sitting on the couch late at night with Kyle....that is when we heard this glorious news! Our eyes have been glued to the News ever since. We popped a few drinks open and had a celebration of our own! Kyle and all of his buddies were all texting each other, sooo soo excited! One of his buddies was at Kenny Chesney, and heard the news and said he cried (happy tears of course!) I thought that was sweet. 

I wish that our country could have this kind of patriotism EVERYDAY. I'll take what I can get though...This Mo-tard is lovin every bit of it!

NOW onto the boring stuff ^^ compared to that, nothing will compare!

A little more than a hand full of weeks and I'll be back in California with family, friends, and the sweet smell of ocean spray. My Cousins will be visiting from Colorado, and I'm so excited to see them! They're like long lost sisters...I love having the family together. The loud laughing, fattening meals being made, and hundreds of stories being told...nothing can replace those moments. 

My best friend is getting married on the 17th of June, and I'm so excited to be there to witness it. Believe it or not, it's going to be my first Marine wedding...Dress blues and all! I'm going to eat it up, because Kyle said he doesn't plan on marrying in his blues. Darnit! <<they're so hunky in them!

Saturday we made a road trip (only an hour ha!) to Sioux Falls...

(On the way there...we have bad aim!)

Once we got there, we stopped at the Veterans Memorial Park...I've been wanting to go for some time now, and I think you'll appreciate the quick cellphone snapshots!


A local man lost his son while he was fighting in Iraq. He raised money to have this statue put in this park....Such a powerful wonderful thing....I had to fight back tears. Thankfully the wind was FREEZING and we ran back to the truck...otherwise I would have been there crying like a big ol' baby. Such a great way to honor the fallen.


After the Veterans Memorial Park, we made our way to the mall. Shopped around, my sweets got me new jeans (none of mine fit me anymore, I've lost 2 pant sizes! WOOOO!!!), we visited the engagement ring I'm in LOVE with...
and we ended our day with some frozen yogurt....

It was a shocker that we were able to get the same days off of work together, so for our first weekend together in a month,
 It was perfect. we needed that.