Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Thursday :)

Obsession for today? Vanilla Chai Tea :) 

I'm working until three, rushing home to change, then I'm off with my love to Sioux Falls.
For the people who aren't familiar, it's the closest bigger city to us.

Mall = shopping.
restaurants = good food.
Me = happy.

It just so happens that we'll be meeting up with my cousin, Mitch! He's training there for the next few weeks, so we're makin the hour long drive to treat him to dinner! I'm pretty excited because I can't remember the last time I saw him! I haven't seen any of my family, while I've been living here in the Midwest. It'll be a nice change! : )

We're going to the mall when we first get there, because I'm on a hunt for a Taylor Swift outfit.
I don't know what to wear!!!! any suggestions?

anyways, I wrote a whole blog earlier about people and them not having any work ethic, but I'm debating if I should post it seeing as I post a million blogs about my opinions on things.
 lol GO FIGURE....ME have opinions on things? haha

That is all for now!



My cousin is going through a lot of troubles and scary things with her health! She's doing some painful tests today, so I ask that you say an extra prayer for her! I know it's greatly appreciated by her family, and large extended family and friends!

Thanks guys!

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  1. Ok, ok! Thank you SO much for your lovely not you left on my bloggy. Seriously, it made the next 91 days so much more bearable. :) You're awesome. It's hard but it's also sweet because I'm so proud of my boy and wouldn't have it any other way.
    As for the T Swift outfit, do red high-rise shorts with a striped navy and blue shirt. Don't forget to do your eyeliner winged. :)
    Much love! x