Sunday, May 8, 2011

One cup of Black Tea later....

wooohooo!!! I'm back an hour later to write my second post, but this one will be less complaining. I've been complaining quite a bit lately, and then the more I read other peoples posts about their struggles..The more I feel like a huge brat, because I DON'T have it as bad as others. I know everybody fights their own battles, and I certainly have my own....I just wish I could take away pain from people who deserve happiness. I guess if nothing bad ever happened, then we'd never know how truly special those wonderful happy moments are to us.

I can already feel the black tea kickin in....ahhh caffeine, you have become a close friend of mine!
(and of people around me in the mornings! haha)
 To make myself a little more clear, I'm not quite a morning person....I'm that person that could sleep until noon if it were allowed. I'm a night owl, which is funny because I don't ever go out.
I'm old enough to drink, and I don't even go to bars. I actually don't even drink...

Kyle and I are old people. We love staying home, or going to dinner and a movie, spending time with family, and just enjoying our nights relaxing. Recently since the weather has been decent, we've taken the Harley out for a few night rides. Who would have ever thought I'd be the girl on the back of a bad boys Harley? NOT ME. I also never thought I'd be the girl wanting a pink pistol.
If you haven't had a chance to shoot a gun, It's a must!! SO fun!!!

(This was OBVIOUSLY the week after he was free from the Marines...Check out that facial hair! ALSO please take note my ankle looks like I've got a weird deformity hahaha )

(Kyle, His Dad, and Uncle had WAY too much fun dressing me up!)

We also spend a lot of time Skyping with people we love and adore!! For instance: We have Thursday Skype nights with Cody & Courtney! (Except the last 2 has consumed both couples!)
They're the ones I said we were going on that cruise with...You would love Courtney!! So cute, just the sweetest thing ever!! AND her accent...IT is THICKKK as heck, and precious. Kyle always teases her...he greets her the same every time, "HI COURT-NAYYY". She eats it up!! Love those two!! She's been a huge support system since I've been here, besides my family members (and sweet cousins!!) but i'll move onto them next!!!) I've had so many moments I just needed to cry, and sometimes I feel guilty crying to Ky....I'm emotional LOL I can cry a lot!! WHICH JUST REMINDED's Cry Sunday. Greeeeaaaaaatttt! That'll be my next topic AFTER my cousins!
 Anyways, I love my sweet little Courtney, and their new fur-baby, COPPER!!!

Moving on...

My Family is amazing. I've certainly been blessed in that department. I've become very close with my moms side of the family, and in recent years (and months) I've become particularly close to my second cousin, and her family. I just love them.

There have been so many times being here, I feel down. I spend quite a bit of time alone, because Kyle works nights. Being so close to family emotionally, I've never had to live so far from them before. I've had a hard time forming close friendships here with other females, so with them being in my life...It's really such a huge blessing!! I talk to them every week. They keep me sane.

My second cousin Kelli reminds me a lot of my mom.  Strong willed, Beautiful inside and out, hysterical, sensitive, sweet, caring, giving, determined, inspirational, a fighter...I could keep going. (Don't even get me on the subject of how they look like TWINS!) She's been struggling with her health recently, and I've been praying everyday for her.  I believe everything will start looking up! She deserves everything wonderful in life.

(Kelli & Chelsea, with their handsome husbands! Sorry Chels, I had to!)

Chelsea, is a little mini version of her mom. She's gorgeous. Just as sweet as can be, and has the most beautiful spirit. They make me laugh, and know what to say to keep me going. When Kyle and I move, we'll be living in the same state as them. Hopefully we'll get lucky, and be in or around the same city. THAT would be perfect!! We can't wait!! I can't wait!! Girl time, I can't wait for girl time!! I've missed being able to have those moments. Girls nights, lunch dates, mani-pedis, and shopping!! I'll finally have some partners in crime again!! NOW, if we could convince the rest of the females in the family to leave sunny California, thatttt would be peachy! My sister wouldn't ever leave...thumbs down!

I get to see them, when I go home in June for Mo's wedding. I'm excited to see everybody! My Mommy and Sister!! My baby brother, Aunts, Cousins, Uncles....EVERYBODY!! My friends included!! I can't wait to see Mo....I love good ol' Mo, and I miss being able to have access to her everyday, when I wanted her!! We used to have shopping dates, and spent countless hours and days laying out by the pool, eating subway, and becoming bronzed babes!

(The last time some of the girls in the family were together.  
We're a boring bunch.)

Definition of Cry Sunday: Army Wives and Coming home

These shows consume my life for two hours. Both hours are spent crying.
Like I said, I'm emotional. hahaha

I think this is the end of my mile long post. I've embarrassed enough people with my pictures, and now I'm going to continue working hard.....or I'm going to finish playing a new smart phone game I just downloaded.



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