Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's 12:10 PM

and no sign of a manager yet- * CHA CHING *

 :) Thank you work-angels for keeping me sane for yet another day!

I've been passing time today, shopping online. WELL...not SHOPPING, but "window" looking. I'm trying to find the perfect top/dress for Taylor Swift. YEP, I'm going to see Taylor for her show in Omaha. The first show of her US Tour. Okay, so some of you might not like her but I AM OBSESSED. I have been for yeeeears and years. I might be surrounded by a bunch of ten year olds, but I'm super excited. Kyles lovely mother got us all tickets. Kyle IS going. He might not admit it, but we all know he loves her too. lol

* phone rings and I get hung up on....twice *

ANYWAYS, Will somebody please explain to me why it's so hard to find a sequin top or dress, with sequins going around the ENTIRE shirt. I don't want them on just the front. Where's the fun in that? eh. I'm waiting for Forever21.com to update their shirts today. I'm crossing fingers for the perfect one, but the more I go look...the more summer clothes I find myself "needing". Yikes. Don't even get me started on cute spring shoes.

What's on my Agenda?

May 27/28 - Omaha, NE for Taylor Swift
June 16 - Fly home to California, Rush to Jills rehearsal, and then enjoy the evening with the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner!
June 17 - Wake up bright and early, get beautiful with my best friend and the rest of the bridesmaids to witness Jill marrying the love of her life, and then party the night away.  
June 18 - 20 - bake in sunshine, eat fattening food, laugh way too much, and spend too much money.
June 21 - Baby Cousins graduation!! (I feel old!)
June 22 - Get back on a plane, and head back to humid-bug-filled-ville.
July 21 - 22nd birthday
July 31 - Fly to Florida with Ky, meet up with Cody & Court, and drive to Miami together.
August 1 - 5 - Cruise
August 6 - 7 - Spending a day in Orlando, then flying back to SD!
August 8 - 11  - STURGIS!!! (google it.)

PHEW. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it.

All I know is, after surviving Hunting Season, Holidays away from family, and a hell of a Winter...
I'm READY for it!!


  1. I'm going to see Taylor Swift when she comes to California in Septemebr! My mom got me tickets for christmas last year and I will definitely be flying home to go see this concert. Anyone who says they don't like taylor are just lying! Let me know how amazing the concert is :)

  2. YOU ARE SO LUCKY. I'd truly give anything to go to a T. Swift concert. So have a blast. :)