Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down on Friday?

If you haven't heard that song....You need to go to YouTube and watch it right now. I'm already laughing to myself...Oh my! haha....Genius lyrics I tell ya...

Anyways! It's Friday, and of course it's technically my Tuesday (Work-Week wise), but that's okay! I enjoy weekends at work a lot more than I do work week days. I usually get to work alone, and management isn't here. life is just much more simple that way!

I woke up this morning suuuppperrr tired, but I'm on a coffee high-I think I'll make it! We were up pretty late last night...The weather finally decided to work with us and we took the Harley out :) My chest and face got some color! I was SO excited! We were out later than expected, which meant the gym had to come later as well. Let's just say I was pretty much useless once we got to the gym. I went tanning and sat on a machine for the rest of the time while Kyle and his friend danced around the machines (lifting, grunting, laughing, and telling jokes!) They're both determined to be "huge" by Summertime. Kyle wants to gain 20 pounds in Muscle....He eats like a pig! I wish I could be that way..I'm trying to LOSE what he wants to gain...such a brat!

That is all for now!!



  1. well, I don't have your gorgeous skin, but I just spray-tanned myself within a shade of recognition, haha! Isn't it annoying how easy it is for guys to attain the weight they want?!

  2. ooohhh!! I need some of that!! I'm going to start looking like an old woman if I keep this tanning up! Oh my Chels, It's very annoying. Kyle eats whatever he wants, when he wants it! One day we will invent something to have their same metabolism!