Monday, May 2, 2011

Going Home....

Pretty positive that everybody knows this already butttttt:

Bin Laden is dead. FINALLY. That son of a Bit*h is dead!

Sitting on the couch late at night with Kyle....that is when we heard this glorious news! Our eyes have been glued to the News ever since. We popped a few drinks open and had a celebration of our own! Kyle and all of his buddies were all texting each other, sooo soo excited! One of his buddies was at Kenny Chesney, and heard the news and said he cried (happy tears of course!) I thought that was sweet. 

I wish that our country could have this kind of patriotism EVERYDAY. I'll take what I can get though...This Mo-tard is lovin every bit of it!

NOW onto the boring stuff ^^ compared to that, nothing will compare!

A little more than a hand full of weeks and I'll be back in California with family, friends, and the sweet smell of ocean spray. My Cousins will be visiting from Colorado, and I'm so excited to see them! They're like long lost sisters...I love having the family together. The loud laughing, fattening meals being made, and hundreds of stories being told...nothing can replace those moments. 

My best friend is getting married on the 17th of June, and I'm so excited to be there to witness it. Believe it or not, it's going to be my first Marine wedding...Dress blues and all! I'm going to eat it up, because Kyle said he doesn't plan on marrying in his blues. Darnit! <<they're so hunky in them!

Saturday we made a road trip (only an hour ha!) to Sioux Falls...

(On the way there...we have bad aim!)

Once we got there, we stopped at the Veterans Memorial Park...I've been wanting to go for some time now, and I think you'll appreciate the quick cellphone snapshots!


A local man lost his son while he was fighting in Iraq. He raised money to have this statue put in this park....Such a powerful wonderful thing....I had to fight back tears. Thankfully the wind was FREEZING and we ran back to the truck...otherwise I would have been there crying like a big ol' baby. Such a great way to honor the fallen.


After the Veterans Memorial Park, we made our way to the mall. Shopped around, my sweets got me new jeans (none of mine fit me anymore, I've lost 2 pant sizes! WOOOO!!!), we visited the engagement ring I'm in LOVE with...
and we ended our day with some frozen yogurt....

It was a shocker that we were able to get the same days off of work together, so for our first weekend together in a month,
 It was perfect. we needed that.



  1. I'm glad you guys enjoyed your weekend:) I wasn't able to see the pics, but I'm sure they're amazing! xoxo

  2. I know chels!! I noticed that today, they were removed!! I'm going to see if I can fix them riiiight now :)