Monday, May 30, 2011

Recap from the weekend:

First let me start off with my black eye.

It got a little bit worse after this picture, but you get the point...

Basically Kyle was telling me that I was looking skinny (I've been on a never ending diet), and me being my normal self, had to go fishing for more compliments. I asked him WHERE he could tell.

"You look skinny here" *points to upper body*
"and here!" *points to mid section*
"AND HERE!" *bends over and points to legs*

at that moment I bent down to check out what he was talking about, and he decided our faces should meet. He flew up SO fast....The PAIN. OW OW OW OW. I had HUGE alligator tears and ended up laughing hysterically. It's getting better now...Not as swollen, but now it's purple....oh joy!


Woke up early, and got on the road. Of course, I was a stress case before then. I can't ever relax before we go anywhere, always wondering if we've forgotten something. (we didn't.)

Made it to Omaha, had to make a quick trip to the mall (Kyles little cousin didn't pack anything for the concert. SO we had to find her an outfit.) Pigged out, then went back to the hotel and got ourselves ready!

Once we were in the Arena, We realized we weren't very far away!! We started talking to some guy that was wondering around, his name is Charlie Worsham. Turns out, He's one of Taylors Opening Acts. : )
He's such a nice guy, and I told him I'd spread the word about him! SO look him up.
He's on FB and Youtube. : )

Kyles mom bought an extra floor ticket, so Kyles dad could come along. She sat by herself (aw) and his dad sat with him. They were hilarious...Poor Dave. He made sure he had a beer in hand the whole show.

We had some teeny-boppers in from of us with signs. They were literally dancing before the Opening Acts even started. I guess you can say they didn't have many friends! lol THEN we had this guy in front of us too. Cool hair, huh? Kyle says it looks like a backwards skunk. He had it shaved down shorter on the side....
He was a character haha

We had the 2nd stage about ten feet away from us....
Mid show she changed stages, and I was so excited. Ah, I love her!!

She is amazing in concert. Sounds just like her albums, which is refreshing. She switched up some of her songs too, and created her own little remix. THEN when she was walking through the crowd, she kissed little girls on their cheeks and probably made their lives. So cute. I WILL be seeing her again.

Kyle and his girlfriend...

Saturday we woke up pretty early (HA! NOT!) and went to the Zoo! On the way there, we had to get some good ol' Starbucks. I got the Iced Chai tea with a dash of Vanilla....So yummy. : )

That evening we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Oh, I pigggggged out. So bad.

Sunday before we headed home, we stopped at a Memorial Park they have about five minutes from the Hotel. They've got a bunch of cool Military vehicles and Artifacts from different wars. It was right up Kyles alley, and he had such a good time. 


It was a nice little getaway. We both needed it, and even though we're both tired from constantly moving around....we're so happy we were able to go.

That is all : )


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  1. that black eye is crucial and im super jeal that you saw taylor!!!