Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Saturday : )

Good morning!!

I hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday. I'm working (again), but I suppose making money is better than wasting my day away sleeping. (This is where I try to convince myself that exchanging my yawns for dollar bills is a really great idea.)

I have 4 days until payday- I CANNOT WAIT. <<desperate much? Am I the ONLY one counting down the days until that wonderful/depressing day?

Besides the norm (Bills and Groceries) I'm starting something exciting on Wednesday. I haven't decided if I'm going to tell the blog world about it, but I'll letcha know when/if I decide tooooo!! <<anxious enough yet? You'll have to wait until Wednesday! Maybe I'll spill my guts then. :)

...Oh goodness. One thing I can say for sure is that this girl is not going to be going on any shopping sprees anytime soon. *sigh*  That's because we're taking a cruise to the Bahamas. Yep! I can't wait. We're going with two of our good friends....another couple actually. Cody is a friend of Kyles from the Marines...his old roommate. Courtney is his sweet southern girlfriend, and is just a doll! Since the boys are living states away, we thought it'd be a nice reunion for them.

Can I also just state that I think I've met every grumpy old person on the planet this morning? lol...A lady I work with calls it "Old person Syndrome" and I think that's the best way to describe it. For those who don't know, I work at a Hotel. I get complaints about everrrrything. This morning we also had some old man run into the lobby:

"Have you seen a woman looking for help?"
*looks nervously at Helen, the adorable breakfast attendant*
"Well, there are a lot of women looking for help!"
Helen was joking of course...

He turned his ass around so fast and ran out of here...Last thing we heard was "GOOOOOOODDDDD DAMNITTTTTTT!!!" Then he walked through the parking lot yelling her name....I couldn't help but laugh. I was afraid to ask what kind of help. Does this mean I've lost my sensitivity? lol nahhh. We saw him walking through the parking lot...I'm guessing he had the wrong hotel.

I'm going to go write out the bills I owe, and see if I can set a budget for myself. This should be interesting!! THEN I'm going to go to and look at all of the cute stuff I want, add each item to my shopping cart, fake myself out, and exit the website. I think I need shoppers anonymous.



  1. is my weakness! It's such a problem to my bank account. I'm with ya on that one girl

  2. hahahaha "fake myelf out, and exit the website." That's EXACTLY what I do! :(