Saturday, May 21, 2011

I've come to realize

I'm a weird sleeper.
I wish I were a morning person, if you wake me up in the'll see it's like the end of my world. Even though I'll suffer through the whole entire day...I STILL don't go to bed early enough to get a full nights rest. Last night I skyped with my cousin until 1:30 in the morning, and woke up at 6:30.
I'm sure I'll go home and take a nap, because after a week of this...
I'm ready for one. :)

Working in a hotel, I've become a pro at people watching...I also hear and see
some of the most ridiculous stuff. 
Let me just share with you what has happened in a matter of ten minutes.


-There is a man in the lobby who is an exact replica of Napoleon Dynamites brother:
Mustache, jeans, 80's print sweatshirt N' all! SEXY!

-I had a note left for me saying a woman in a wheelchair on 3rd floor is deathly scared of the building catching on fire. If a fire was to break out, we were supposed to run and get her first. lol Mean of me to laugh, poor lady!

-A woman just called me Kelly. My name is not Kelly. She then informed me (Kelly) that her coffee pot wasn't working. (You have to plug it in for it to work....)
THEN she thanked me (Kelly).

- Every person that checks out, makes it a point to hand me every room key card they had been issued. I appreciate the fact that they're truly concerned, but it's a crack up watching them attempt to find them. I've seen women dump out their purses, men tearing through things, and I've had people call and ask for our address so they could mail them to be honest- the keycards aren't very important. Plus, it'd cost more money having them sent here, than to just throw them away.

What's on my mind?

People make me laugh. It's funny how couples find each other, and always manage to match.
I've been told Kyle and I match. ACTUALLY, I've been told we look like we're blood related, and I promise you- I'm not into the whole incest thing. lol That would be a big negative.

Why do people buy massive amounts of postcards? I don't understand. Anytime I buy that stuff, it's gotten lost in my black hole of a purse. Props to you if you've written a letter on the back, and successfully followed through with sending it to somebody. Don't get me wrong, I think it's cute to see a Grandma or Grandpa sending them to their grand babies...but then we get the occasional tourist who stocks up on their Mount Rushmore postcards. We're 4 hours away from there. WHY do you need 25 South Dakota postcards? lol

I hate bugs. Growing up in California, it wasn't ever an issue for us. I rarely got bug bites. WELL, I'm full of them today. They're everywhere! I'm ITCHY! not. a. fan.

I've lost another pound so that means I've lost 23 pounds since Jan. Finally on my way back to looking and feeling like I belong in my body again!

OH OH OH!!! If you're a fan of dried fruits and veggies, Like I am....Go to, and check out their stuff. I've seen a review on those items on, and ordered some last night.

I got cranberries, mixed veggies (so I could taste all of the yummy flavors and find favorites!), and strawberries and bananas. The great thing is that nothing is added to them!! That's especially exciting for me, because all of the dried fruits I've found, are covered and filled with sugar. I'll be updating once I receive the package full of my yummy snacks, and I'll let you all know how they REALLY taste! :)

Now that I've talked about absolutely nothing for ten minutes, I think it's time I saaaaay goodbye.


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  1. I'm a weird sleeper too. And I hate getting up super early. It seriously does ruin the rest of the day. :( Boo.
    Bugs are the worst. I freak when I see any kind in the house. Yuuck.
    Much love! x

    P.S. I hope I get a letter today too! If not, I did get his address so I'm sending out a little (ok, maybe big one... haha) letter to him today. Yay! :)