Friday, February 17, 2012

Tonight i miss him more...

I try not to complain about k being gone because I know this is how our life will be for the next few years. I try to hold myself together while listening to other girls express how lonely they feel with their husband gone for the weekend. I go to work, and come home. Day after day it's the same thing. I do everything alone, and without him. I have a countdown on my phone set for his first homecoming date. I love seeing double digits. I wait all day for it to be 8:30 pm. That is the time he gets off of work, and on most days, that is the time we Skype for a few wonderful minutes. It is what gets me through these days, weeks, months, and soon to be years. Tonight I'm missing him more than usual. I'd love to feel his big strong arms huggin me. I'm counting down the days for when I'm not flying solo, everywhere. Soon enough. Xoxo

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