Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been a while...

I'm back in California with my family. The move went well, and all of our big stuff is in SD. We will be moving it in a handful of months, when he's home for his first real visit. That's when we will be setting up our lives here, again. Kyle is on the East Coast training, and will be back sometime in September. He'll have about a week off and then he deploys overseas, and will spend a total of 365 days in Country. (He does get some time in between to come home.) It stinks knowing we'll be living this way for years, and not just 1 deployment. I know we'll get through it, though. We had ourselves trained before on how to be long distance. We'll just be tapping into that experience, and hopefully time will slow down while he's home for those few short weeks. I certainly didn't think that we'd have this lifestyle again. After all, we did say goodbye to the Marines. He's loving this. He's happy. THAT is enough for me to hang in there.

(Cody and Kyle...Yup! he's sure having fun there!)

Since I've been home, I've spent a lot of time with my best friend Jill. Her husband is stationed in 29 palms, and even though that's where Kyle was stationed...I've never noticed the horrible gross awful insects. The bugs there are SO gross. Bless her little heart. I killed a few crunchy ones for her (compliments of her husbands shoes!) I've also spent many mornings with her new puppy, Marley Marles Barkley Jones. ;)

(Her after a walk!! She was POOPED out!)

It's nice to be home. I've decided this Beach-City girl
will NEVER be a small town girl. Why did I ever leave this place? :)

Hope everybody is doing well!

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