Sunday, July 24, 2011

On the bright side :)

Kyle left this morning (4AM) for training on the East Coast. Upon completion of the 7 weeks of training, he will then deploy. It was hard saying goodbye to him, mostly because of the fact that we're saying goodbye to the life we've created here together. I'm excited for him to be with his buddies, and to be doing something he enjoys. I am hanging in there, and am almost used to the idea of him being gone for 90% of the year, for the next few years. I know it's what's best for us and I will continue to support him.

We had a lot to do this past week. My birthday was great, and we spent it in SF roaming, shopping, and eating. It was nice to spend quality time together. We took about ten minutes to take a few pictures. We were so rushed, we didn't get many. I convinced him to wear his uniform, and the only one that fit were his Cammies. About five minutes into our mini-photo sesh....his arms were turning blue. He was about to pull a Hulk and bust out of his blouse.

I'm not going on the cruise anymore. We're attempting to get a refund, and I have changed the flights from FL to CA. I leave Thursday morning for home. I will be scrambling to get the house in order, and cancel everything that needs to be cancelled. I'm just ready to get back there. Lots of distractions and things to do! PLUS I have a ton of workout buddies. Time to job hunt!


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  1. Keep on keepin' on, girl! You seem very positive. Be sure to stay that way. This is only a small season in y'alls life, so don't worry. :)
    Much love x