Sunday, July 3, 2011

Staying Motivated!! (Ten pounds!)

Okay, SO...

I Weighed myself this morning.

I am down 3 pounds. Holy crap. That means I have 7 pounds until I get to my 10 pound goal before the cruise. I'm so excited!! I'm feeling great, motivated, and I'm ready to kill it in the gym.

Yesterday we were looking up details for our cruise.

We're ready!

Flights paid for - check
Cruise paid for - check
Birth Certificates ready to prove our citizship - check
Bodies ready to tan - CHECK!!!

It's going to be such a nice trip, and after our cruise we come home and leave right away for Sturgis. That's more Kyles thing...but I'm along for the ride. For the ones who don't know, Sturgis is a HUGE biker rally in the Black Hills (In South Dakota). It's gorgeous there, and THOUSANDS of people gather for the rally. There are huge campsites, Drunk Buses that shuttle people back and forth, and fair food everywhere. Women dress in barely any clothing, and I act like I'm a biker girl for a few days. (We all know the truth.)

here are a few pictures from last year!

last year I was in shock...
I've never experienced anything like that. lol
A lot of Naked girls, pasteys, Foul language, thongs and booty shorts, biker gangs, and people dressed in barely nothing with their kids in tow. It's quite classy, really. Kyle, his parents, and his grandparents used to go all of the time. His grandpa passed a few years ago, so it's special for him to keep up the tradition. His grandpa was quite the character!! You should see some of HIS pictures...Hilarious.

It's a lot of fun, but i'm going to be so tired at the end of those two weeks! So much traveling, and being out in the sunshine! Not to mention, I'll be broke! lol I have a surprise for Kyle that I've been planning....I can't give details yet because I'm not sure if he'll read this. I know he loves surprises, and I've only given him one clue so far: It's tan. The possibilies are endless, but let's just say he wouldn't expect me to pull this off.
I can't wait to see his reaction!!

Sales are everywhere this weekend, So I'm going to check out the online shopping and see if I can cause some damage!! I hope everybody is having a great weekend, and hope you have great plans for your 4th! It's a day to celebrate!

I work 7 - 3, then we're heading to the lake (2 hours away) to go tubing, Gonna BBQ, Shoot out at the farm, and Head out to watch fireworks. : )

Lots of pictures to follow!
Until then,

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