Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cooking Challenge/Planning Meals/Pinterest!

Before I go to bed I HAD to post a blog about this! 

Kyle and I have wasted SO MUCH FOOD and MONEY. We grocery shop, fill our fridge, and discover those purchased items weeks later when they're being thrown away to make room for our fresh groceries. Thinking about how much food has gone to waste just sickens me....SO I've come up with a plan.

While Kyle is gone, I'm going to be cooking/baking a new recipe each week. By the time he's back in the states and we have a home to call ours again, I will be quite the chef! I'm going to Plan our meals for the week, because it will eliminate us wasting money on food we don't need or eat. I'm going to freeze a couple of meals, for the nights we just don't feel up to cooking. I'm almost positive that this will be a nice treat for our wallets, tummies, and health! Frankly, I can't wait!!  During the process, I'm going to be blogging about my experiences with my cooking challenge.  I'll be posting TONS of recipes too!!  

I was so excited about this, I've even recruited my best friend. She is going to be attempting the cooking challenge with her husband. Way too much fun!! 

I've created a Pinterest account and hadn't used it until tonight. OBSESSED. I have SO many recipes pinned. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt one with my cousin Kelli. I'll letcha know how that goes!

If you don't have a Pinterest account, CREATE ONE. LOVE.



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