Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Did I mention.....

November is when I knew I'd love him for all my life?
Well, it's the truth.

It started in September, Blossomed into October, and by November we were inseparable

I remember our first November when he went home to visit his family for leave, and we spent HOURS on the phone. He even made his omelets mushroom free, because he knew I hated them. 
Aw, love is sweet.

It's so crazy how quickly time can pass us by. It's been years already? YEARS
(as in MORE than 1? MORE than 2?)

Well, isn't that sweet as can be.   :)


11.11.11 is coming up. How awesome is that? For as long as I can remember, I made wishes at 11:11. Every wish has come true so far. You better believe that on 11.11.11 AT 11:11 I will be making worlds sweetest most epic wish. It should actually be declared 'Best wish day'! 

Happy November!


  1. What a sweet story!

    P.S. I nominated your blog for a blog award. Check out my blog today to see more details