Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Darling, Don't be afraid.

I will be brave.
I will not let anythingTake awayWhat's standing in front of meEvery breath,Every hour has come to this.
One step closer. I have died every day waiting for you.Darling, don't be afraidI have loved you for a thousand years. I will love you for a thousand more.

Hearing this song makes me feel all happy inside.

Recently, I've had a rough time accepting that soon I will be thousands of miles away from K. I earn the ribbon for worlds biggest worrier. I'll come out and tell ya, I'm scared. I hug longer, kiss more, and I make sure he knows what my heart is feeling. I have been fighting with my thoughts lately. I've never been this way, and I don't know if it's because I finally had a taste of what 'normal' could be like for us...but boy oh boy...I'lllll tell ya. I'm ready for this to be over, and it hasn't even begun.

He always jokes that I'm like a mother bear protecting my cub. I'd keep him in a bubble if I could. I love him for always being so brave, and standing up for what he believes is right. He's good at making himself useful. Wherever he is, people are quite lucky to be surrounded with his warm heart and kind spirit. He's good at what he does, and as difficult as it is for me...I'm attempting to learn to just let it be. This is what he was intended to do when God gave him life. He's here to protect, and he does a damn good job at it.

That boy turned my world around. He is another part of me, and I pray everyday God gives us many years to learn, grown, and love one another even more than we do now.

Enough of the sappy stuff....

listen to the song, and fall in love.


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