Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strawberry Margarita.

Just got my hair cut and I love it. It actually looks the same BUT my horse tail is now transformed back to human hair lol.  While I was at the salon, the girl cutting my hair told me she is from California. That was pretty fun chit chatting about home and all of the things we miss.  I also picked up a pretty OPI Nail Polish.

Strawberry Margarita. Love it!

Last night Kyle had a meeting with the local Marines (truly THE FEW) in town. It was his first time going, and he came back so excited about everything. They have a lot of different fundraisers to help out disabled Veterans. I'm so glad he has this to keep him busy and allow him to spend some time with men he feels comfortable around. 

I really have nothing good to say today...It's rainy and boring in Casa D today! My best friend who's marrying in June, kicked one of her bratty bridesmaids out of her wedding. SO glad she finally did, it was way overdue. Kyle and I enjoyed the 80 degree weather yesterday!! Took Win-dog on a walk, and got a little bit of color! I made my favorite dinner too! Spaghetti Squash! YUMMMYYY!!!

He's working again tonight (boo!) Dinner for one! Hope everybody is having a great week!



  1. One of my good friends is named Alyssa and her husbands name is Kyle and he is an amputee after being wounded in Iraq. Totally random, but I thought I'd share. I love the color! Totally cute! <3

  2. I think Alyssa and Kyles were meant to be together! ;) haha! What a fun little fact! You should check out the new collection! I am obsessed with nail polish lol but this is such a cute spring color! I was so excited!

  3. Loving the polish girl! Hope your enjoy the rest of your day:)