Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Mean girls..... [Scroll down to read the letter : )]

I know I've mentioned this before, but can I please just say

I will never understand why women find the need to constantly belittle one another. We're on the same side here. We're supposed to support each other, and respect one another. From the moment I've lived here, The girls I've met have been nothing but mean, disrespectful of my relationship with Kyle, bitchy, cold hearted, dramatic, and every other negative word in the dictionary. I've tried being nice, I've tried being talkative, being quiet....I've tried everything. Bitches are just bitches.

Now don't get me wrong, I've got some great girlfriends. I know a ton of wonderful and loving women, and am BLESSED to have them in my life. I just wish there were MORE like that.

I think when I moved here, people had the idea in their heads I'd be stuck up because of where I'm from. My birth place doesn't decide my personality. My actions and thoughts decide my personality. I make the choices to be the type of person I am, and if they want to spend that much time talking about me- I'm flattered. I must be that interesting that they want to spend their nights out with their girlfriends, talking about me. Last night one of them posted on Kyles FB wall that he was looking good and was spotted in the gym. I know he's pretty hunky, isn't he? I'm pretty lucky. Then another said she just wanted to see an old friend and put a winky face. Turns out, Kyle has met her once-shes engaged. Feel sorry for that guy!

For the last 9ish months I've kept my mouth shut, and I've been nice. I would give anything to write a mean nasty letter to these girls telling them what I think of them, and I'm not normally a verbal person about how I feel about someone. When I am, I watch my words hoping to choose the right ones. I don't like to cause problems, I'm not about "drama", and I've never been. I'm usually reserved with my feelings, unless I post it on my blog. LOL THEN I make it public, but it's become my place to vent. I vent to my best friends, or family. They are who I trust, and they love me regardless of a bad day or bad attitude. Maybe even a cuss word every once in a while is overlooked. I have decided to write a short version (maybe) of what I wish I could say. It might sound mean, but they've been mean. Two can play that game....yes, I'm immature at this exact moment. Stooping to their level...let me dang it!!

Dear Mean Girls,

I have never been one of you, so I will never understand your take on life, or why you make the choices you do. I have never been the kind to put others down, because I was always taught to consider others feelings. I'm not here to judge your parents, but I think you played hookie the day they were teaching a lesson on "How to have class" and  you obviously were snoozing during the repeated saying "treat others how you'd like to be treated." I don't understand your choices you make when it comes to your relationships with your Fiance/boyfriends. Talking about the men you'd like to be intimate with doesn't exactly qualify as dinner talk for the "D" household. I don't think Kyle would appreciate that, and I'm surprised that your S/O's don't mind either. I don't agree with cheating in a relationship, especially one you are choosing to make permanent. I'm not going to say you're ugly, because several of you are quite pretty. In fact, most of you are. Though, I'm not a fan of your cookie cutter outfits, you try so I'll give you that much.

Take note that looks fade, but being ugly on the inside lasts forever. Just because people talk about you in this small itty bitty town, doesn't mean you're important. If you're known as the mean girl (not just from my mouth), I don't think that's something to be proud of. When your own group of friends spend your spare time talking about each other and what you hate about the other...That's pretty sad. NOT the type of friendship I'd call true. When you make your "friends" cry on've got to have pretty low self esteem. When you make it a point to get together and bash a happy healthy relationship like Kyle and I, that is how I know you're pathetic. I know you're attempting to cause problems, but that only works when there is trouble in paradise. We're happy, we're in love. He's faithful, sweet, sensitive to my feelings and needs, and doesn't like you. Without saying it, or me telling him to. I don't make his decisions for him, and that's something I love about him. He's independent and allows me to be. You should try that, instead of being the Hitler of your relationship. I'm sad for you though, because you will never understand what the real world feels like. You have technically been out of high school for 5 years, but your mindset is still stuck in your sophomore year. I pray that one day you'll grow up. I pray you'll realize being this way won't get you far, it'll only get you enemies and dirty looks. Just because people are nice to your face, doesn't mean you're cool. It doesn't mean they like you. People are nice, because they're scared of you. They're scared you'll embarrass them, insult them, hurt their feelings, or whatever else you're capable of doing. Now, I'm not going to lie and say you haven't hurt my feelings, because there have been times that my feelings were hurt. I've never had enemies like you, because I've always been a nice person.

I often question my reasoning's for living here, because it's been quite the ride....but Kyle reminds me. People around me, remind me. When I move on from this place, I take this lesson with me. My friend Lacey said it the best, "I do get called a bitch quite often, but what I do NOT get called is pushover, stupid, sucker, victim or doormat. Works for me!" You didn't win with me. You didn't break me. You didn't ruin us, or even cause problems in our relationship. You may have hurt my feelings a few times, but you have become a joke in my head. When I move on from here, you will remain here...forever. You may think you run Mitchell, but you'd get eaten alive anywhere else. I can certainly say, if I sent you to my hometown, you wouldn't be looked at twice. I know I should wish you well, and hope that you "see the light" or whatever....but I don't. I hope you get a taste of your own medicine, one day.




  1. Mean girls will always be mean, but somehow soar to new heights of mean, even ganging up on said girl when they feel intimidated or "threatened" by a girl who might steal their spotlight in any way. This generally occurs when the new girl is sweeter, prettier, friendlier, hotter, nicer or wittier...or as in your case, all of the above. Trust me when I say they'll get theirs, they will. You just be sweet, loving Alyssa and everything will turn out the way it should. Love you, Mom xox

  2. I feel like we have been living a similar life .. since Mr.AB & I have dated girls have been nasty towards me. His entire squadron dislikes which makes events awkward. But just remember that everything you said is TRUE, looks fade and so will the "friendships" they've created over catty behavior. :) Thanks for following me! I'm now following you!