Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning Everybody!!

While I'm at work, I've been in research mode. On the 16th of July, we're having a wedding shower for one of our employees who recently married his other half. She's from England, and is having a difficult time adjusting. I certainly know what that's like! I found out that she's Vegan, and though I love the idea of being Vegan and Vegetarian, it wouldn't happen for me. I love meat! I do want her to feel comfortable, and know we considered her. I think I'm going to make my famous Spaghetti Squash :) SO good, and 100% Vegan if I exclude the lean ground beef from my sauce! I'm not sure many of my Co-Workers will be willing to try it, but more for me! 

For anybody who's willing to try it, I'll post the recipe. It's easy, and healthy!

Ingredients you need:

1 Spaghetti Squash
1 Large can of whole Tomatoes
1 Medium sized can of Tomato Sauce (I buy two, Just in Case I feel it needs more.)
1 Medium sized can of Crushed Tomatoes
A hand full of Carrots (or Two Large Carrots)
2 Stalks of Celery
1 1/2 Bell peppers (Adds the sweetness to your sauce! Add to your liking)
Garlic Salt or Fresh Garlic
Ground Beef/Turkey (This isn't necessary)

Preheat Oven to 400 degrees
Slice Spaghetti Squash (horizontally) and scoop out seeds like you would a Pumpkin.
Place on cookie sheet (Open side up), and bake for about 45 minutes or until golden on top.

Once you've finished that step, pull out that Blender!!

Mix in the Large Can of Whole Tomatoes, Medium can of Crushed Tomatoes, and Medium can of Tomato Sauce. Smooth out, and add in Celery, Carrots, Bell peppers, and Garlic. Blend to a consistency of your liking, and add Garlic salt to taste.

After about ten spoon fulls off "tasting" your sauce, you can throw it in a sauce pan and heat it. If you choose to make your sauce meat sauce, Season and chop up to your liking. Just add it in!

Once your Spaghetti Squash is finished, and you let it cool for about five minutes. Take a fork and start scraping from top to bottom. You'll see it start to form the "spaghetti". Mix together and you are finished!!

I tried making this recipe fool proof, so if anybody is brave enough to try it- let me know how it turns out. : )
I make this a lot because it's delicious and very low in calories.

I've been searching for ideas for a headboard...I saw a while back somebody had used a Shelf, Long covered cushion, and hung it from the shelf. Looked cute, so I think I might attempt that!

I made a delish dinner for Kyle last night! Burgers, with Mushrooms sauteed in low-sodium soy sauce, and American Cheese melted on top. Sweet Potato fries, and Corn bread too! :) YUMMMM!!

Tonight Kyle is home : ) so I'm thinking what I'll make for dinner tonight. Any Suggestions?

Hope everybody is doing well!!



  1. im SO going to make this! thanks honeypie!

  2. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing. :) I'm a veggie so I appreciate veg-friendly recipes.