Monday, June 27, 2011

Marine Corps life, again? (and an update)

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know it's been hard for K and I here in this town. For the ones who are just now following me, I'll clue you in quick!

I'm originnally from Southern California. I'm a beach/city girl...Coming to a small town was a culture shock! It was a difficult adjustment, but making friends seems to be as well.

K was born 2 hours from the town we live in, and moved here when he was 13. He lived here until he left for the Marines, then he was stationed in 29 Palms for the last 4 1/2 years. He's had a hard time feeling like he belongs here....his transition into civilian life has been quite difficult for the sweet boy.

At around 3 AM, Kyle woke me to tell me his news. He's decided to meet with the recruiters on Wednesday. He wants to explore his options. His first and top choice would be to get back into the Marines . He misses it, and I truly believe he was made to be a Marine. It's in his blood. He knows the odds aren't very good, because right now it seems like they're not taking anybody. I never pictured myself as a Military wife...I guess I'll have to learn. I'll support him no matter which direction he chooses to go.
 I'm just along for the ride! I hope things go his way, because I want him to find peace again.
You can tell he's on edge a lot of the time....

I'm going to have him call the recruiter tomorrow.
I'll give updates.

I've been dealing with work issues, as most of you know.
I've come to the conclusion these two are misserable with their own lives. I'm not in this town for the rest of my life, like they are. One is married and hates her husband. The other is single, and pushing her mid-late 30's. They're bitchy, controlling, Jealous, Immature, and neither one are very attractive.
THOSE are their good qualities.

I will no longer allow them to sit here and try to control my moods. You want to be a bitchy old hag?
Go right ahead. You want to try to bring me down, try harder. It's not working.
Life is too short. I could be gone tomorrow, God willing. I'm sorry they can't see how blessed they are, but that is not my problem. I will sit back and watch karma bite them in their big butts, and hope one day they turn their misserable pathetic lives around.


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  1. Well I hope everything works out for the best! Its difficult to get back - I tried 2 years ago, they wouldn't take me in the navy again :(- but who knows, I'll keep you guys in my prayers!